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Hydro AgriTech has specialized in the business of hydroponic growing since 2014. We are manufacturer and supplier of hydroponic growing systems and, Polyhouse for Commercial and Home Growers,Farmers and Hobbyist.Hydro AgriTech offers two basic types of hydroponic growing systems for the hydroponic grower;the Bucket System for vine type,fruiting crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers and the NFT System for smaller leaf type crops such as herbs and lettuces.

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Hydroponic Systems for Home & Garden

Hydro Agritech designs and manufactures DWC bucket systems for vine crops. And NFT hydroponic system for leafy green vegetables, has wide range of NFT System suitable for every type of small Crop and herbs

Hydroponic for Commercial Farming

Hydroponic Agriculture is now a well recognized trend to Industrialize Agriculture and a modern way of food production with high returns, desired quality and usage of less land resources. Commercial hydroponics operations are becoming a popular business model option for new-age farmers.

Hydro Agritech Poly House

Hydro Agritech offers a controlled environment Poly house package specifically designed for hydroponic crops. By using the latest construction and technology, these creates favorable controlled environment, while considering other conditions such as temperature, humidity, disease control, light intensity and ventilation.

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NFT 5X10 Hydroponic Systems (160 Pot)

The N.F.T. system (Nutrient Film Technique) comprises precise fertilizer and water management is quite popular because of its fairly simple design. It is best suited for, and mos

DWC 6 Bucket Hydroponic Systems

Perfect introductory AIR BUCKET system for the hobby grower or for home purposes.


DWC 6 Bucket Hydroponic Systems


Perfect introductory DWC 12 BUCKET HYDROPONIC SYSTEM for the hobby grower or for home purposes.

Hydroponics can play a vital role in changing agricultural scenario and food production of the world.

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